Deep cuts to many government departments and up to half a million public sector jobs in jeopardy. Chancellor George Osborne stressed that "we are all in this together" as he unveiled the government's Comprehensive Spending Review.

So what was annnounced? Here are the key points.

Overview Overall savings: department cuts will amount to 19% over the next four years, rather than the 25% the chancellor had originally anticipated National debt: debt interest payments will be lowered by a total of £5 billion over the course of the review Treasury savings: overall budget will be

Union Chiefs have threatened strike action if the government attempts to privatise the Land Registry, a public sector organisation that employs hundreds of people. The Land Registry is responsible for recording land titles and keeping an inventory of UK property deals. Ministers have indicated that they want to carry out a feasibility study to see whether it could be privatised, but unions say previous studies have already shown privatisation is not viable, and warn that if ministers try to pursue a sell-off they "won't hesitate" to ballot members for strike action.

House prices fell for the third month in a row during September as properties flooded on to the market, research indicates.

The balance of surveyors reporting a rise in new instructions nearly doubled during the month to 22%, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

The group attributed the jump to homeowners testing the water ahead of the Government's spending cut announcement, or trying to sell their property before a further deterioration in the economy.

But the rise in sellers was not matched by an increase in buyers as people continued to sit on

In June 2010 the FSA announced a requirement for compulsory telephone call recording which will affect all organisations working within mortgage markets. The new legislation has been introduced to improve mortgage arrears handling and must be implemented by all mortgage practitioners by December 2011. The legislation stipulates compulsory recording of all telephone calls made to clients in respect of arrears handling, and all call recordings must be kept for a minimum of three years.

This new legislation will be applicable to all Mortgage Lenders, Mortgage Advisors, Mortgage Arrangers

Despite current market uncertainties and apparent difficulties in raising mortgage finance, King Sturge is delighted to report that 85% of the lots they offered in their 6th October auction, have now sold at an average of 10.71% over the reserve.

All the sale results have are now showing on their website.

They are now accepting entries for their 1st December auction.  

The cost of "rewiring" Britain's energy network could add an average £6 a year to consumers' dual fuel bills over the next decade, the industry regulator has said.

Ofgem said £32 billion worth of investment in pipes and wires was required across the country, twice that seen in the last 20 years, to secure supplies to households and to move to a low-carbon economy.

The watchdog said a hike in bills would support a revamping of Britain's "ageing networks", which were mostly built in the 1950s and 1960s.

Energy networks need replacing as demand increases and consumers change the

The latest house price index from the Nationwide Building Society has revealed a 0.1% rise for the month of September compared with August, when values fell by 0.8%

The latest house price gain means the annual rate of house price inflation fell to 3.1%, down from 3.9% in August, with the average UK home costing £166,757.

Meanwhile, the three-month-on-three-month rate of change, which is a more reliable indicator or near-term price trend, fell from 0.0% in August to -0.9% in September.  

Paragon Group has made its much-anticipated return to new lending with a buy-to-let mortgage range targeting professional landlords.

The company will lend through its Paragon Mortgages brand and is to start lending with immediate effect through a panel of buy-to-let brokers.

Paragon will expand its distribution over the next few weeks, and will accept both intermediary and direct business.

Macquarie Bank is providing a £200m revolving credit facility to bankroll Paragon’s return to lending, marking the first buy-to-let mortgages the company has offered since February 2008.


Clive Emson's latest triple auction event once again proved a very popular affair. Prospective bidders know that those Lots catalogued are not put to the market to test their popularity but are entered into the catalogue by Clients motivated to sell.

Much of the media seem intent to drive the economy downward with their insatiable appetite to report on the economic downturn which, Clive Emson believe, is sub-consciously placing doubts in all of us about the future and, in particular, values of land and property.

Grow Weed-less

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the weeds are established before taking action. If that’s your strategy then you’re bound to spend wasted hours of pulling and hoeing in a vain attempt to catch up with overgrown weeds.

Know thy enemy! Being able to identify your weeds from the moment they germinate will enable you to eliminate them when they are young and easier to control. At that time a light cultivation of the soil’s crust is sufficient to kill most sprouting weeds.

Other weed control techniques include using organic mulches, limiting or eliminating