What Property Auctions Information Does UK Auction List Offer?

If you’d like to become a member of UK Auction List you will receive full access to the property auctions including detailed descriptions, street view/google maps, full auction catalogues, virtual tours (if available) and auctioneer contact information for every property in our database; as well as being able to set up Property Alerts, and access our Auction Calendar and Auctioneer Directory. 

Please note that UK Auction List has no affiliation with any of the auction houses and all details provided are as seen in their auction catalogues. Please note that our website is for "Traditional" auctions, not Modern Method, and the properties we list belong to auctioneers who conduct only this type of auction.

In order to request a LEGAL PACK, arrange a VIEWING or to BID on a property, then you need to contact the Auctioneers directly (we are not personally selling any of the properties in our database, we list them on behalf of the auctioneers).

Q: What property auctions information do you provide to subscribers?

A: UK Auction List is a Membership subscription website. As a subscription, your monthly or three monthly payment recurs autotmatically until you choose to cancel the service - a bit like a gym membership, or magazine subscription.

If you decide to subscribe, you will have full access to a regularly updated, comprehensive online database of properties for auction (not modern method!) throughout the UK. Our property search facility helps you find auction property with ease, via county or region/area searches, and by property type and price range. Full property descriptions are listed for every property displayed in the database, with a link to the full catalogue (if available), and to the auctioneer's website. You'll be able to view the Map/Streeview for every property and if there is a Virtual Tour available, we will also provide that.

Subscribers also have access to a UK property auctions calendar which lists dates of forthcoming and past auctions, and an auctioneer directory which holds the details of all the "traditional" auction houses throughout the UK. Please note that we do not upload properties into our database until the full and final catalogue has been provided by the auction house (to ensure that we have the most up to date information). BEFORE you register, please ensure that the property is a current auction lot i.e. in our current database, and not one you've found via a search engine, which might direct you to an old property. This also applies to Unsold Lots- we only list Unsold/Available property for 5 weeks following the auction, so anything with a prior date is likely to be an old property. 

To search for property for auction, simply choose your region/area or county/counties of interest – or simply select “All” for a wider search; this will display all the current properties that we have in the database (you can also tick the unsold box) for that particular area(s). You can narrow your search by selecting property types and a price range, however we normally suggest looking at all the properties in the first instance, to get a more comprehensive list.  (Remember that there are a lot fewer properties for auction, than those for sale through an estate agent).

If you see a property that you like or wish to attend an auction (or bid online if an in-room auction isn't taking place), then you will need to call or email the relevant auction house to enquire further and they will help advise you of everything you need to know in order to view, and subsequently bid for a property (including legal pack information). This applies to the Unsold Lots as well – you would need to phone the auctioneer to see if the property is still Unsold, or available to buy.  All their contact details are together with the property descriptions in the Member’s Area. Also worth noting is that properties are sometimes sold or withdraw prior to auction and we recommend that you check with the auctioneer before the auction date that the property you are interested in, is still going under the hammer.

As a member you can also track your Favourite lots and set up a weekly Property Alert, as well as having access to our Auction Calendar and Auctioneer Directory.

Q: Why do you charge a subscription fee?

A: We charge a small subscription fee for membership, which contributes towards our website's running costs (as we don't cover our website in lots of distracting irrelevant  advertising from third parties!). We keep the cost as low as possible - it works out at just over 20 pence per day for people on our three-monthly subscription and under 30 pence per day for people on our one-monthly subscription.  (Remember, if you only want the subscription for the initial one or three months, to cancel before it recurs again automatically).

Our service is aimed at people who might not have the time or know-how to search for the auction houses or property auctions that they are interested in. Many people who register just want immediate access to all available property for auction, and we provide it to them all on one website. It makes the search hassle-free and allows them to contact the auctioneer directly from our site.

In addition, not many of the smaller/medium sized auction houses in the UK can afford to advertise their properties on the likes of Rightmove and Zoopla. All of these auctioneers’ catalogues we list for free on our website, which provides you with a wider selection of property for auction. 

So to sum up, our website is for anyone looking for auction property all over the UK. We don't charge the auction houses to list with us so even the smallest of auction houses send us details of their auction lots, which in turn means that visitors to our website get to view properties from the largest, renowned auctioneers to the smallest. The subscription fee we charge is very small and people only pay it if they want the ease of having access to all property for auction in the UK on one website instead of having to trawl through several.

Q: Where do you get your information?

A: We have permission from auction houses to display their properties on our website. They provide all the information, so what we display is what appears in the auction catalogue. Details are hosted by us in good faith but are produced directly by the auction houses and have not been verified by us. (You should make your own enquiries for any property that you view in our database as we are unable to guarantee and accept no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any information contained). It’s also always a good idea to contact the auctioneer for addendum updates to the catalogue, as sometimes properties are sold prior or withdrawn, or maybe postponed.

Q: How often do you update the database?

A: Properties can be added daily or weekly, depending on when the auctioneer catalogues are released. The database is checked regularly to remove those that are sold either prior to auction or on the day itself.

It’s worth noting that the majority of auction houses close in August and from mid-December to early January, so few properties are uploaded during this period.  Catalogues at the beginning of each new year, start to be released from mid January, so best to keep checking back to see if there are any properties of interest, before you register.

We advise to only search for properties on our website itself, as this shows the most up to date information. By searching for auction property in a particular location, via Google or a similar search engine, the results sometimes display tagged pages from our website, invariably from past property auctions (which unfortunately we cannot do anything about as Google displays what it wants!). If you find a property via a search that you put into your search engine, always check on our actual website www.ukauctionlist.com and search for the same property, to ensure that it is a current property for auction.

Q: What types of property are listed?

A: Properties include residential, retail units, commercial, investments, ground rents, industrial sites, land for development, plus many more. They are a mixture of tenanted, vacant, leasehold and freehold.

Q: Where are the properties that you list?

A: The property auctions take place all over the UK - England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Q: How many properties do you display?

A: The number of properties in our database changes on a daily basis depending on whether or not new catalogues have been released. The same applies if the property auctions have taken place and when sold lots are removed. As soon as the auction catalogue is released by the auctioneer, we aim to have it uploaded into our database within 24-48 hours (depending on the size of the catalogue).  Sometimes if auctioneers release their catalogue very late, we do not have the time to upload the individual lots, however as a Member, you have access to the Auctioneer’s Directory which contains the contact details and websites of ALL the auction houses in the UK. OCCASIONALLY, some of the auction houses don't release their catalogues or lots in a PDF format, so we are unable to add them to our database, however we always add their details to our AUCTIONEER CALENDAR so you can link to their website and view their listings.

Q: Why don't all the properties have full details and photos?

A: While UK Auction List tries to display as much information as possible for each property, there can be times when small details or photos are missing when the catalogue goes to press. The PDF displayed on the description page is how it appears in that particular auction catalogue. If you require more information on a property you have seen on UK Auction List, we recommend that you contact the auctioneer directly.

Q: Can I view unsold properties from past property auctions?

A: You can view all the unsold lots from past property auctions within the Search by ticking the unsold box. They are updated within 24-48 hours of an auction taking place or as soon as the results become available. Unsold lots remain on our site for approximately 5 weeks following the auction. Please just make sure that the Unsold Lots that you're viewing are on our website, in our current database, and not an old property found via a Search Engine, as these invariably will be out of date. You should contact the auctioneer to find out whether any unsold property that you are interested in is still available. Sometimes we are notified of post auction sales, and update our database accordingly. However, we are not always informed so some properties that are listed as "unsold" in our database might not be available. That’s why it is always best to contact the auctioneer directly.

Q: Can I contact UK Auction List to help me find a property for auction?

A: Unfortunately UK Auction List is set up as an online tool only. We hope that our website is as easy to use as possible, but if you are having problems with your search or the website functionality, then we will do our best to help you. Please note, we are unable to carry out the property searches or to recommend individual properties for you.

(We are a small business and therefore outsource call answering in order to support us day to day. These receptionists might not know the answer to your question, so if you have a question, it's best to contact us via our Contact Form so that we can personally email you a dedicated and thorough response to any query that you might have that isn't covered in our FAQs).

Q: Can you send me a printed catalogue?

A: As we are an online property auctions resource with constantly updated information, we do not send out any printed materials, as it does not fit in with our environmental policies. If there are any specific properties that you are interested in, we suggest you save them and print them if required - but remember to print double-sided to save the trees!

Q: Can I auction my property through UK Auction List?

A: Yes you can. We work with some of the best performing auction houses around the UK to ensure you receive the best possible service. If you have a property that you would like to sell at auction please complete our property enquiry form or call on 0203 6039530.